World Butcher Challenge

In March 2018, the #WBC will take place in Belfast/Ireland.

This time, twelve nations are going to participate with their national teams:
Ireland, USA, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Brazil, Greece, and – for the first time – also Germany with the
Butcher Wolf Pack.

WBC Team Germany

The Butcher Wolf Pack is an alliance of butchers, who stand together for our butchery and will represent Germany at the #WBC.

We are financed through our own funds and therefore also rely on the active support of sponsors. Due to the spontaneous decision of Germany to participate in the #WBC, it was not possible to carry out an official selection process. However, this will change in 2020! Therefore, follow us and stay informed!

Brandhot News

For the first time: Germany taking part at the #WBC

In countries outside of Germany, the profession of a butcher is very respected. As a traiteur in France or a master butcher in the USA, you enjoy an excellent reputation in society as an expert and specialist of your field. Here, it is important that not only the profession, but also the food and products […]