Dirk Freyberger (Team Captain)

I grew up in our family business and was able to learn the handicraft from scratch from my grandfather and father. But I only discovered my great passion for my profession after graduating from high school, during my training to become a butcher.
I love processing meat, whether it is in the kitchen or on the grill, refining meat, especially with skill rather than with spices, since the special thing about meat is its original flavor: “Good meat does not need any spices!”
As the captain of the Butcher Wolf Pack, my biggest challenge is to bring the best out of my fellow campaigners, so that we become the strongest national team of the #WBC and show the entire world what we are capable of!

Because I grew up in a small-town butchery, I became interested in butchery at a young age. To me, the nice thing about my profession is making our customers happy with our products. The connection to agriculture, as well as the manual and careful butchering and the respect for the living animal is very important to me and a given during our butchering. I was lucky enough to learn the butcher profession, from butchering to the counter, in a traditionally operating butchery.

Every day, the versatility of our profession and our raw material meat, which can be refined in so many different ways, fascinates me.

Among others, my tasks in the team will be removing, processing, and cutting pieces of meat. We want to show the world what Butcher Wolf Pack is capable of!!!!

Let’s Rock……..

Matthias Endraß

Michael Moser

The butchery Moser is located in the beautiful upper Bavarian Landsberg am Lech. There, I am a third-generation master butcher in heart and soul.

I am proud of my handicraft and this shows in my daily work and the quality of our products.

My regional origin is important to me because I get my strength from my family and the connection to my home town. But our regional focus is also one of our highest maxims. We still butcher ourselves and therefore, pay respect to the supply chain. Because quality is respect.

Therefore, together with enthusiastic employees, I stand for offering our customers only the best quality with passion on a daily basis. Here, the little details often make the difference.

My stimulating dissatisfaction drives me to always become better – for myself, my company, and our customers!

I come from an old butcher family and run a small butchery in the 6th generation. Only towards the end of school, I developed the desire to become a butcher. Especially due to the rise of the BBQ trend, I currently think that this profession is more attractive than it has been for years. The new possibilities due to the international cutting guide fascinate me.

I see my daily work as a small, valuable contribution to animal welfare, especially due to the fact that we butcher ourselves. Triggered by the fact that more meat is being eaten now than ever before in this country, it bothers me that people are so wasteful and thoughtless when dealing with the food product meat. At the same time, the awareness that a living being lost its life, has never been so far removed from society.

With my support of the Butcher Wolf Pack, I would like to contribute to refining the awareness in our society for our profession and the food product meat and also to creating a better atmosphere in our industry again.

Philipp Sontag

Steffen Schütze

Doing is a lot better than just hoping!!!” is my motto.
After my time in high school and struggles choosing a career, I finally ended up in butchery around the turn of the millennium. Here, I place greatly value on enriching traditional, honest handicraft with young, creative spirit. Only this way, I was able to implement the ideas for the first Weißwurstburger in the world, the Schlemmerbox, and the Hackgranate (“The beer for steak”), as well as a crazy Facebook campaign to search for an apprentice. The urge to live out mental outpourings should be my job as the brain of the Butcher Wolf Pack. Hereby, I, Steffen Schütze, always want to inspire new ideas and drive the team to new top performances.

I am an energetic, creative person with stamina and power and am proud to be a butcher. I treat people close to me carefully and attentively. In life, I care a lot about openness, trust, honesty, and treating each other with respect. Always with a touch of humor.
I can easily approach people, “pick them up at the right spot”, and motivate them. I quickly comprehend things and never let myself down.
You can achieve what you really want. My main goal is to excite people. My goal is to ensure and strengthen the future and competitiveness of butchery. I am looking forward to developing new ideas and approaches for a sustainable industry, and, of course, to develop and implement creative product concepts.

Sven Tholius

Karmen Walcher

During and also after my training to become a specialized seller, I was able to celebrate successes in various competitions!
Visually and flavorfully enhancing meat has always fascinated me! I was able to deepen my knowledge within the scope of further trainings to become a sales manager and meat sommelier. When searching for new ideas, I sometimes like to look over the shoulder of other industries.
As a teacher, I work in exam preparation and try to train the students in a way that they manage to achieve first-class results – even in stressful situations and under time pressure. Problem-solving strategies are the main focus!

My creativity and passion for my profession will bring the team closer to winning the #WBC.

Diamonds are made under pressure!!!

I am a passionate butcher. But I cannot even tell you exactly why because there are several reasons. Whether it is the variety of products and the processing methods, the exciting technological background, the archaic and puristic flair, the inspiration to inspire others for it, or the feeling of doing a job in which you immediately see the results. Perhaps it is a little bit of everything.
Too bad, that we are increasingly becoming a rare breed.

Julian Reidinger

Andreas Simmel

Modernity and tradition are probably not as connected to each other in any other profession as they are in our handicraft – butchery.

I work in our family company as a butcher in the fourth generation and I could not imagine anything I would rather do! Every day, I look forward to combining classic recipes with some of the most modern machines to see and taste what we have achieved at the end of the day!

For me, the profession of being a butcher is not just any job! It is much rather the passion for putting a smile on the customers face each day with a very versatile raw material and manual know-how and skills!

I am really looking forward to the World Butchers Challenge in March 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For us, it is the first international competition, in which we can show what we, as German butchers, are capable of. On the other hand, such competitions show how modern, interesting, and appealing our craft is!

I grew up in a traditional butcher family. Now it is my time – the time of the fifth generation.
Already as a child, I used to help at home. However, in eighth grade, I was not able to imagine working as a real butcher in rubber boots and a white coat, until I interned with different butcher friends and started to be fascinated by this respectable handicraft.
Everyone can be an office clerk, but being a butcher with your own business is a real challenge. But if you do it, do it right. Preserving tradition and going new ways to revive this handicraft.
To me, meat is simply a fascinating raw material, which is versatile, brings friends and family together, and also tastes good.
In the summer of 2017, I was at the Butcher’s Manifesto in Copenhagen. What I learned there is that fighting for our butchery is worth it.
I am currently studying the threefold study program “Handicraft Management” at FHM and HWK in Cologne. This means three qualifications in 4.5 years. Butcher Journeyman – Bachelor of Arts /Business Administration – Master Butcher

I am currently doing a training to become a butcher at the butchery Schlösser in Düsseldorf and will take my final exam in January 2018.

I can contribute to our team with my stamina, my doer mindset, and my positivity. So, let us take on this challenge!

Vinzenz Wied