For the first time: Germany taking part at the #WBC

In countries outside of Germany, the profession of a butcher is very respected. As a traiteur in France or a master butcher in the USA, you enjoy an excellent reputation in society as an expert and specialist of your field. Here, it is important that not only the profession, but also the food and products of the butchers have a totally different value in society, with traditional butchers asking very different prices. This allowed an elite butchery guild to more or less form and grow outside of Germany all around the globe.
The #WBC was born during a bilateral competition between New Zealand, the “Pure Sharp Blacks”, and Australia, the “Australian Steelers”, about ten years ago. Over the years, the team of Great Britain, the “British Beefeaters”, joined, which led to the first expansion of the competition. In 2016, the last time the competition was held, the French joined and immediately became the world champions of butchers in a competition between four nations.